First aid for your bicycle


The bike stations are first-aid stations for your bike.

These stations have a charging point for e-bikes and air pumps.

You will find a bicycle repair station at a number of the stations, as well as inner tube vending machines and a variety of replacement parts.

The bike stations are spread across the country.

If you click on a particular station you will see what facilities it has, as well as various e-bike rental stations where you can hire high quality e-bikes.

The e-bikes are equipped with a bag or basket to carry its charger, allowing you to charge the battery at any time. Click here for availability.

Bikestation by LS-Sports Charging station for E-Bikes First Aid for your bike


Operating instructions:

Each cabinet is equipped with two charging sockets. The bike station concerned has a sign to inform you where you can get the key; you will have to deposit your personal ID while you are charging your bicycle.

Charging your battery is free!

You use the key to open the cabinet door and plug the charger you brought with you into the socket.

You can either place the battery in the cabinet or, if your bike design permits, you can pull the cable through the hole and connect it directly to your bicycle.

If it's raining it's also fine to charge the battery, but it has to be done in the cabinet.

The sockets and fuses are designed for this.

It is advisable not to charge the battery at temperatures below 3°C or above 50°C.

There is a high risk of ruining the battery.

You can find the charging time for your bicycle in its instruction manual.

After charging, simply return the key and your personal ID will be given back to you.

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