TouristInfo Atert-Wark Useldange

The Bikestation TouristInfo Atert-Wark in Useldange


1, am Millenhaff

L-8706 Useldange

Tel:  +352 23 63 00 51 28

E-mail: [email protected]


The Touristinfo Atert-Wark is located in Useldange and is responsible for the region Centre-West. It offers a lot of information relating to nature, sport and leisure time plus history, art, culture and activities. You get there informations about different cycle tracks like the PC 15, 12, 1 and many more.


LS-Sports Intermediate agency for bicycle rental

LS-Sports Intermediate agency for bicycle rental

At the Youth hostel in Hollenfels you have the opportunity to rent bikes from our assortment. For the transport to your desired station we calculate a surcharge of 25€.

With a reservation 24 hours in advance the bikes will directly be delivered at the desired station.

A theft insurance can optionally be completed. The price amounts to 15€ per day per bicycle.


The equipment of the Bikestation TouristInfo Atert-Wark

Bikestation by LS-Sports LS-Sports Vermittlungsagentur für den Fahrradverleih    LS-Sports Intermediate agency for bicycle rental
Bikestation by LS-Sports Schlauchautomat von Schwalbe    Automat for inner tubes from Schwalbe
Bikestation by LS-Sports Werkzeug für Reparaturen    Tools for reparations

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