Touristinfo Atert-Wark

Touristinfo Atert-Wark

The Touristinfo Atert-Wark is located in Useldange and is responsible for the region Centre-West. It offers a lot of information relating to nature, sport and leisure time plus history, art, culture and activities. You get there advice about different cycle tracks like the PC 15, 12, 1 and many more.


Touristinfo Atert-Wark    
1, am Millenhaff    
L-8706 Useldange    
Tel: +352 23 63 00 51 28      
Email: [email protected]    


The station is equiped with qualitative high-graded bicycles.

Winora Y420 Winora Y420.

You can rent the 2 avaible bicycles of the station.

You have the possibility to rent additional bicycles of our range.
For the transport to the desired station we ask an extra charge of 25 euros.

With an advance booking of 24 hours, the bicycles are avaible on your desired station.

You can take out optional theft insurance for 15€ per day and per bike.

Another bonus is that this touristcenter is now also in possession of our repair station and our inner tube vending machines.


The outfit of the Bikestation A Guddesch

E-bike rentstation

repair station ob bikestation Repair station

Schwalbe inner tube vending machine Schwalbe inner tube vending machine

Toilet by Bikestation Luxembourg Toilet

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