Bikestation Vennbahn Troisvierges

The Bikestation Troisvierges is located

at the railway station in front of the Brasserie Orion, right at the start of the Vennbahn Ulflingen towards Aachen and

at the Tourist-Info Troisvierges.


46, Rue de Binsfeld

L-9912 Troisvierges

Tel: +352 24 51 48 81


The Bikestation at the railway station is equipped with a charging station for electric bikes, an air pump and an automat for inner tubes from Schwalbe.

The Tourist-Info Troisvierges is located on the opposite side. Here you will find informations about the Vennbahn just as a selection of spare parts for your bike. Enclosed you will find a pillar with tools in order to execute any reparations.


The equipment of the Bikestation Troisvierges

Bikestation by LS-Sports Charging station for electric bikes    Charging station for electric bikes
Bikestation by LS-Sports Air pump    Air pump
Bikestation by LS-Sports Automat for inner tubes from Schwalbe    Automat for inner tubes from Schwalbe
Bikestation by LS-Sports Spare parts    Spare parts
Bikestation by LS-Sports Tools for reparations    Tools for reparations

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