First aid for your bicycle


A total of nine Bikestations are distributed over the country and make up first aid spots for your bike.

The Bikestations offer a varied spectrum on services. These reach from charging stations for electric bikes, over air pumps, spare parts, automat for inner tubes as well as tools for minor reparations. Most of the Bikestations are connected to locations with overnight accommodations and feeding offers.

The charging station for electric bikes provides with six sockets an easy way to maximize the autonomy of your batteries so you can guaranteed reach your destination. 


Bikestation by LS-Sports Charging station for E-Bikes First Aid for your bike


Directions for use of the charging station for electric bikes:

The charging of your battery is free

To get the key from the specified place mentioned above you have to leave your identity card

With the key you receive access to the two sockets

Connect your bike or your demounted batteries with your personal charging device

You have the choice to rather put your batteries in the locker or to pull your charging cable through the intended hole and connect it with your bike

Take your batteries and your cable out of the locker after the charging time and lock the cupboard door

After the return of the key you receive your identity card back

In case of rain we recommend you to demount the batteries of your bike and to put them into the locker

It is suggested to not charge the batteries under 3°C and above 50°C

The charging time is mentioned in the directions for use of your bike

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