Oa6 Wellness & Spa Oberfeulen

The Bikestation Oa6 Wellness & Spa Oberfeulen


13, rte d'Arlon

L-9180 Oberfeulen

Tel: +352 24 84 48 48




Oa6 Wellness & Spa offers a place of relaxation through different services as massage treatment, beauty care, therapies, etc.

Oa6 Wellness & Spa is located in Oberfeulen near Ettelbruck and offers through the proximity to hiking and cycling routes the opportunity to experience beautiful and relaxing adventures in the nature.

This unique and innovative location in Luxemburg offers sportive people, (future) parents and pensioners a therapeutic journey of well-being thanks to a network of professionals in the domains of health and well-being. Oa6 Wellness & Spa allows everyone to maintain his well-being, to develop his skills in the conservation of healthiness and to experience a journey of the senses.




The equipment of the Bikestation Oa6 Wellness & Spa in Oberfeulen

Bikestation by LS-Sports Charging station for electric bikes    Charging station for electric bikes
Bikestation by LS-Sports Air pump    Air pump
Bikestation by LS-Sports Tools for reparations    Tools for reparations
Bikestation by LS-Sports Restaurant    Restaurant
Bikestation by LS-Sports Overnight accomodation    Overnight accomodation

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